The Baby Room, May 12, 2000

A virtual tour because wanted to share our baby room with family and friends! Click on the blue-bordered pictures to see them full-size. If the borders are purple, it's because you've seen them before.

The updated view from the doorway. Cabinets by Target, John, and Bill. Bassinet by the Ishida Family (Auntie Grace made the ruffle). On the far right, a porta-cage with a musical mobile. The posters and prints on the wall have no particular theme other than that we liked them. The big one is a Beatrix Potter alphabet. The rocking chair by the door is by Action Thrift. Note shelves stocked with the necessary supplies.

Step inside. A few changes since this photo was taken: there's now a large poster on the wall, and the rocking chair has been moved. The bassinet is now in our bedroom, and ...

The wonderfully soft monkey has been replaced by a wonderfully soft baby boy! Roy William Kuraoka, born 29 minutes after midnight on June 5, 2000. He's a lot cuter than this monkey, but noisier and more-opinionated. We'll get some photos of him up soon.

The new dad. Diapers, Penaten Cream, rubbing alcohol, wipes, and washcloths within easy reach. The shelf top is now home to a changing pad. Nice shirt, D2B. A perfect pattern for baby blorp.

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