Leo Masaharu Kuraoka: The First Month.

Text and photos 2002, John or Ondine Kuraoka, Frances Kuraoka, or Barbara Brooks

In the photo above, I am eight days old. And, that's my family: Mommy, Daddy, my big brother Roy, and me: Leo Masaharu Kuraoka. Masaharu was my grandfather, and the photo was taken on what would have been his 77th birthday, on July 28, 2002.


I met some of Mommy's extended family, and ended up in this basket.

Now this feels good. A bath with Daddy.

We visited my Grandma Frances. I howled part of the way there, which made my big brother Roy howl too. That was amusing, in a wrenching sort of way, but if both Mommy and I look a little weary, that's why.

Here's a nice family photo: Daddy and Mommy and Me and Roy. I'm 26 days old here, which is 3.25 times older than I am in the family photo at the top of the page. I think I'm aging rather well, don't you think? As long as we're doing the math, I am as many days old as my brother is months old - he's about 30 times older than I am (and look how silly he is)! And Daddy is more than 561 times older than me!

Here I am again with Mommy.

We went to a place called Descanso Gardens with my Grandma Frances. We ate under some trees. Everyone had sandwiches except me; I had my usual draft.

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