Leo Masaharu Kuraoka: Weekly picture picks.

Text and photos 2002, 2003 John or Ondine Kuraoka, Frances Kuraoka, or Barbara Brooks

These are my weekly picture picks. It will take a while for all the photos to load, but believe me, it’s worth it! You can scroll backwards in time and see my entire first year in pictures! Click on a photo to launch a new window and see it bigger.

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Week 52: Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to mee-eee! Happy Birthday to me! I went to Grammy Frances’ house.

Week 51: Here I am in what seems to be the pilot position in the double stroller. Next, I’m playing with Nicholas Spinetta’s toys at his house because he’s upstairs taking a nap! Ha ha! All mine! Well, I have to share with Mr. First Draft.

Week 50: We went to hear a Dixieland band play at Balboa Park, and boy, it was fun!

Week 49: Only 49 weeks old and they’re putting me to work already. I tell ya, it has me longing for the carefree days of my youth! Is that a spot I see? There! Got it!

Week 48: Contemplating an O on my nose. When you’re enthusiastic about eating, things are bound to fly around a bit. Next shows me, getting ready to let loose! Heh, heh ... hey Daddy, why don’t you put that camera down and take a nice, close look at that sprinkler over there?

Week 47: Boy in a Bookshelf! I can’t do this any more. Someone put a set of encyclopaedias in my way. Then, here I am chewing a forbidden piece of paper. Ha! You just try to take it away from me. I dare ya. I double-dog dare ya.

Week 46: Me and Grammy Frances. Then, me giving directions to my Grandma Barbara, telling her all about digging in the dirt so she could help me build a patio in the front yard.

Week 45: Can you believe it? Look at this water! Look at this dirt! Look at this mud! Look at this baby! ’Cept I’m not really a baby any more, am I?

Week 44: Baby in a Browser Box! Whee! Next, is me sittin’ in my high chair, big chair, my chair, sittin’ in my high chair, waitin’ for food. This is a serious business, eating, and there someone is pointing a camera at me.

Week 43: At the beach again, with my second-cousin Katrina. Then, with the whole Ostrom herd: Katrina, Reid, Case, and me in front checking out the funky rubber ring Case is stealing from Reid’s head.

Week 42: My very first Infant Water Adjustment Class with Daddy! What’s to adjust to? This swimming pool thing is great! I splashed and hooted and flapped and shrieked so much, some of the other parents started shielding their kids from me. The big babies. Ha! If I look introspective, it’s only because I’m plotting my next move.

Week 41: At the beach, with a Boogie Board and my shovel. I’d have gone out, but the wind was like totally offshore, dude.

Week 40: Standing tall. Standing proud. Standing for about two seconds.

Week 39: We went up to my Grammy Frances’ house, and I played with some of her toys. Ha ha! Whoops! Boy, I just crack myself up sometimes.
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Week 38: Daddy and me on Cowles Mountain, my very first time on the mountain. Go, Daddy, go! Mush! I liked trying to grab handfuls of sage and buckwheat and plant them on Daddy’s head. On the right is a photo of me in the driveway, looking up at Cowles Mountain.

Week 37: Me, at Sea World, with my big bother. Oops, a typo! Nah, I’ll just leave it. Hee hee! It serves him right for eating that sandwich right in front of me, and never offering to share with me. On the right is a photo of me with some books.

Week 36: Pick a block, any block, any block at all. Watch the lady, now. Heh, heh, heh. Place your bets! And, never mind the date ...

Week 35: Heh, heh. Hoo boy, mud is fun.

Week 34: Wheeee! My Grandma Barbara sure knows how to make a fellow happy!

Week 33: Cool! Celery! Mommy didn’t really let me eat any, though, no matter how hard I tried. The photo on the right shows me with Mr. First Draft himself. I guess he’s sort of fun to have around, really.

Week 32: Here I am with my Auntie Pat. Awww.

Week 31: Here I am, in the sand for the first time. Have you ever seen sand? Boy, it’s fun. Kind of hard to pick up, but it sure gets into everything. (Kind of like me! Ha!) The other photo shows my square, determined face. I’m after First Draft’s water cup.

Week 30: I’ve been working on this for some time now, and I still can’t stuff the whole thing into my mouth. By the way, yes, I do seem to be wearing the same jacket I was wearing a couple days ago. Honestly, what are these people thinking?

Week 29: Daddy thought he’d make me sit for a photo, but I had other ideas. A few days later, I discovered where Mr. First Draft hid the pegs.

Week 28: This was something called a “Rocket Roller,” and it belonged to that other kid, my-older-brother-the-first-draft Roy. Ha! I’ve made it my own, and I’ve made it a mess, and I’ve done a good job of it, if I say so myself.

Week 27: Wow, this “food” stuff is great! It’s not just nutrition, it’s a full-body experience. What, you mean you don’t eat like this? Why on Earth not?

Week 26: Just crawling around the grass, chasing the old red ball.
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Week 25: Pick me up! This floor is hard! Pick me up! Ahhhh, bean bag chair bliss.

Week 24: There’s nothing like getting into a good book. That’s one of my New Year’s Resolutions, you know. Get into more books, food, and trouble. And you know what? I’m right on track with all three!

Week 23: What’s this? Real food! Real food! I just knew they were holding out on me! I’d better grab the spoon before they change their minds.

Week 22: Merry Christmas! Here I am, first at my house with Mommy and Daddy (behind the camera) and my brother Roy, plus Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Bill. Next I visited my Grammy Frances at her house. The middle photo shows me and a present. I got lots of presents! All I had to do, was crawl over and get them! So, I did! They were all over the place. The last photo, on the right, is my Grammy Frances trying to give me a bath in her kitchen sink. She has a half-nelson on me, but I’m making my getaway!

Week 21: I was sitting on the grass, and I looked under this blanket, and look what I found! More grass! It’s amazing what you can find out here.

Week 20: Here's my favorite outtake from the photo shoot that produced our holiday card this year. I'm doing my Jack Benny impression. "Well!"

Week 19: This is may be the last time Mommy will bathe me in the sink, but I sure had fun. The other picture shows me up on all fours, rocking back and forth. I'm still not moving much, but I'm pretty sure I'm onto something here.

Week 18: Me, Ulli Bear, and a bean-bag chair. Hey, I'm a poet! Would you know it? Ha!

Week 17: I went to a place called a "hotel" and met a nice lady named Olive. Mommy and Daddy were there too. Oh yes, and that other kid is still hanging around. I can't seem to shake him.

Week 16: Get that camera out of my face, buddy. The second picture shows me working on my latest project: coordinating my front end with my back end in an effort to resolve some mobility challenges.

Week 15: Daddy agrees: these Halloween parties are simply exhausting.

Week 14: Here I am at 100 days old! Soon, I'll have a whole 100-Day photo gallery. The 100-day point is significant in many cultures, because it's one calendar year from conception. So, in some ways, it celebrates my first year!

Week 13: Like my mountain cap? It's great for these crisp evenings out-of-doors.
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Week 12: Here I am with my Ulli Bear, from my Great-Auntie Ulli. I like to chew on its ears.

Week 11: Awwwww Mooo-ooom. Hey! I'm clean! Hello, and you are ... ?

Week 10: I'm fast asleep, about which Mommy seems preternaturally happy.

Week 9: Taking a bath in the bathtub with Mommy! I squirmed around so much, she had to climb in with me. So is this what I got all washed up for? This person seems friendly, but awfully quiet and stiff.

Week 8: Lounging around at Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Bill's house.

Week 7: When Mommy eats, my head needs a tablecloth. Geez.

Week 6: Here I am in all my glory. This is my serious face. Go ahead, make my day.

Week 5: Relaxing at Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Bill's house with Mommy. Lots of things to look at. Lots of things to think about.

Week 4: Oh, the things I could tell ya! I'm being held by Daddy. You can tell by the shirt with all the animals on it.

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