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Before you apply:
You should have completed general advertising and marketing classes and a concepting or copywriting class or two. This mentorship program is designed for college juniors or seniors who want to build their portfolios to get jobs as entry-level copywriters.

You should also read through all the pages on this site (in case you skipped to this page directly). The section titled "How it works" gives you all the logistical details. The syllabus and sample projects give you an idea what to expect. The FAQ probably contains the answer to any question you have.

To apply:
The next session begins January 15, 2013. The application deadline is December 31, 2012. The application process is a competition, with far more applicants being turned away than accepted. If you’re not accepted, don’t worry that it’s a reflection on your talent or your work. Ultimately, my judgment is strictly subjective, and my choices are as arbitrary as those of any other ad agency creative director.

To apply, send a cover letter, résumé, and completed sample copywriting project via email to , no attachments please. If you have JavaScript disabled, the email address is copywritingmentor @ hotmail-dot-com. Make sure you include your full name, email address, and school and year (if applicable). Also, tell me a little about yourself, including your career goals and what you hope to get out of me as a mentor.

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