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advertising copywriter mentorship: sample project 2

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Sample project #2: concepting. “Concepting” is an important bit of advertising jargon for the copywriter. It means “to develop ideas.” When you concept, either with a partner or alone, the important thing is quantity. Quality comes from quantity. It is not unusual - in fact, it’s typical - for an advertising copywriter to write 100 or more headlines and ideas for a single project. Here, the assignment is to write 60 headlines or visual ideas for the following client and product.

When you have at least 60 concepts, review them and put a * next to the ones you especially like. You should have at least a half-dozen (if not, continue to develop concepts). Write a brief sentence or two that tells why you think that line would work especially well.

Deadline: one week (five working days) from today.

Client: Township City Parks and Recreation
Product Name: Township City Carousel Park
Product Category: local attractions
Job: print ad in Township City Magazine

What makes our product/story unique?
Township City Carousel is one of the oldest and largest carousels in the country. It was built in 1894, torn down in 1923, salvaged and re-built in 1930, shut down again in 1942 during WWII, and scrapped in 1948. It was restored by a group of volunteers in 1967, and has been in continuous operation ever since. Set on a hilltop on 21 acres of rolling parkland, the Township City Carousel is the focal point of Township City Carousel Park. The organ music can be heard for miles around. All summer long and during special events throughout the year, the 38 outlying gazebos serve as stages for a variety of free entertainment acts.

Who are we talking to?
Residents of Township City and outlying areas.

What ACTION should we cause?
Increase use of (and interest in) Township City Carousel Park.

What ONE THING should we communicate?
Township City Carousel Park is a great place to spend time.

What is our SINGLE most-appealing feature?
The carousel ride.

What is the MAIN benefit of that feature?
It’s fun!

What are our supporting features AND benefits?

What is our worst disadvantage?
It’s old-fashioned and not considered very exciting.

What are our competitor’s significant advantages and disadvantages?
A new roller-coaster-based theme park opened up just outside of town. It’s expensive and farther away, but it has more rides and attractions. We don’t want people to forget about the carousel.

There are three other community parks in Township City; one has a swimming pool, the other two are small parks with play areas and picnic tables.

Are there any unusual circumstances (competitive environment, market conditions, seasonal factor, publicity, etc.)?
It is urgent that people get involved because the carousel needs restoration again.

Are there any mandatories?

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