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advertising copywriter mentorship: syllabus

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Project 1: Concepting
This project will push you to think beyond the obvious solutions.

Project 2: Billboard
Here you’ll show that you can think visually and write tightly. Thumbnails required.

Project 3: Consumer print ad #1
Now you’ll put concept and copy together to create a strong ad for a product. Thumbnails required.

Project 4: Consumer print ad #2
Another print ad, this time for a service instead of a product. Thumbnails required.

Project 5: Trade print ad
Business-to-business marketing requires different approaches. Thumbnails required.

Project 6: Radio #1
Two live-read assignments show that you can write to be spoken - and heard.

Project 7: Radio #2
Writing the script for a produced spot lets you stretch your legs in the theater of the mind.

Project 8: TV commercial
The best television commercials begin with a strong selling idea. Thumbnails required.

Project 9: Ad campaign
3 print ads (thumbnails required)
2 billboards (thumbnails required)
1 tv commercial, :30 (thumbnails required)
1 radio spot, :60
Non-traditional media concepts

Project 10: Résumé and cover letter
Sometimes the hardest assignment you have, is selling yourself.

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