Roy William Kuraoka: The First Month.

Text and photos 2000, John or Ondine Kuraoka

Roy at about 2-1/2 weeks old.

I'm generally an easy-going fellow, but I have my moods.

I like to sleep with my arms and legs spread wide. This pose is called "dai," which means "great big" in Japanese. It's a very good thing. Daddy's grandfather almost cried when he saw Daddy sleeping like this when Daddy was a baby, he was so proud.

I really like the vertical blinds.

Here I am with Mom, June 20, 2000.

Despite what the date stamp on the camera says, it is July 4, 2000. Some people think of it as Independence Day. For Auntie Pat, it's her birthday. For me, it was my very first Bath Day. I shared the experience with Grandma Frances. I wasn't too sure at first, but I soon settled down and enjoyed the water.

I can hold my head up well now, which makes me look like a pudgy little creature.

Ahh, nice and clean.

Here I am with Grandma Frances.

Family Resemblance File, July 4, 2000.

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