Roy William Kuraoka: The Weekly Picture Picks.

Text and photos 2000, 2001, John or Ondine Kuraoka, or Barbara Brooks

These are my weekly picture picks. You can scroll backwards in time and see my entire first year in pictures! Click on the photo to see it bigger. Use your browser's "back" button to get back here.

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Week 52: I am one year old today! This is my birthday present: my very own red guitar. I like to climb on top of it and strum the strings. From this date forward, photos of me are in the regular family gallery.

Week 51: We're the Piano Men!

Week 50: Our balcony in Hancock, Massachusetts overlooked the ski lift and this really neat bulldozer. See more of my trip to Massachusetts right here.

Week 49: Ah, room service at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge. See more of my trip to Massachusetts right here.

Week 48: Why do you suppose the science and engineering departments at Boston University have a sculpture that looks like something exploding? This concerns me. See more of my trip to Massachusetts right here.

Week 47: May 5 is Boy's Day! And, I'm 11 months old today. Like my new haircut? My Daddy cut it. Until Daddy gets his slide scanner, here's another pathetic digital photo of a slide on a lightbox that is much, much sharper than this. New haircut, new face. Do you think if I make this face often enough, it'll stick? Watch your toes, bub, or I'll clobber 'em.

Week 46: The first pic is a digital photo of a slide on a lightbox. The original slide was taken at Balboa Park. Boy, I was thirsty! The other shot is a regular 35mm shot I call "Cruising Mission Bay/On a windy day/In almost-May." I'm a poet! See Mama's shadow? She's taking the picture.

Week 45: Here I am at Grammy Frances' on Easter. I just found these eggs on the ground! Hey, do you like this picture? You can order it (or the artsy-fartsy version) at Ofoto.

Week 44: Finally, my own wheels. Come on, put the camera down and pull me!

Week 43: Hide behind Mama! Hey, Red Baron're not as tough as you think, buckaroo.

Week 42: Water is good. Dirt is good. Water and dirt is wonderful!

Week 41: What the heck is this thing? And, what are you looking at?

Week 40: Pptthhhhhhbbbt!

Week 39: Didn't I already have a bath this week? What, do I smell bad, like a sweaty drooly little kid?
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Week 38: What have we here? It's closed. It's locked. I can't get in. Whatever's in there, I want.

Week 37: OK, I'm tired of posing. What is that thing Daddy's playing with?

Week 36: The best part about gardening is pulling weeds and flowers and lettuces, and finding things in the dirt.

Week 35: Funny thing to get me for my eighth month-day, a washing machine. Look at that stuff tumbling around in there!

Week 34: It's not just a Browser Box, it's a Baby Barcalounger!

Week 33: When you eat strange foods, you make strange faces. It's OK, though, because I'm starting to like eating.

Week 32: My staff has skipped a week. It's so hard to get decent help these days. Here's my latest project: climbing over the Browser Box, while simultaneously holding a red chew toy. Gotta go!

Week 30: It's 2001! Wait a second, how can it be a new year if I'm not yet a year old? I need to talk to someone in a position of authority about this, because it ought to be corrected. In the meantime, here I am with one of Daddy's old battery-operated toys. It's cool because it can run along the coffee table and never fall off.

Week 29: I had two Christmaseses! The first shot shows me at Grandma Barbara's and Grandpa Bill's for Christmas Morning #1 (on the 22nd). The second photo shows me at my Grammy Frances' the night before Christmas Morning #2. You can see that I've been a very good boy. Just look at my angelic little face. Pretty soon I'll have more holiday shots up.

Week 28: Here I am, getting into the Legos at Legoland with a little help from Daddy. I got my first set of Duplos from here, and saw Santa for the first time.

Week 27: Pick me up! Hey! You up there! Daddy! Pick me up!

Week 26: Here I am, six months old and on the move. Get out of my way, or you'll get run over. Or crawled on.
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Week 25: Ha! Got this standing thing down. Or is that up? What is that thing? Lemme at it! Lemme at it! Aha! Got it!

Week 24: I'm pulling myself up on furniture now, and what discoveries I'm making! This book atop the ottoman, for instance. Once I find out what's expected, I can plan my parental ambushes. Hey! Why is Mama trying to tug me away from it? Ooo, there must be good stuff in there.

Week 23: Who is that guy? He's a handsome fellow, whoever he is. I wish I could shake his hand.

Week 22: I turned 22 weeks old on Election Day! My birthday is just one national event after another. They wouldn't let me cast a vote, though, one of the few times my voice wasn't heard (and I mean heard). I guess I should've crawled to Florida. I think the yellow "poll" sign says it all. Also, here I am enjoying my food. Rice cereal: it's not just nutritious, it's fun to squish!

Week 21: Everyone dressed up and handed out candies for my 21st birthday! Oh, you mean it was a coincidence that I turned 21 weeks old on Halloween? Just as well, then, that I had a costume (thanks to my Grammy Frances). Here I am joining in the festivities. I'm the one in the middle. Also, here's my bum-kin print, which Mama and I made with my own little bottom during my activity class. You can tell that my bum-kin is quite active, practically speeding off the page.

Week 20: It's amazing what I can get into my mouth.

Week 19: I wonder if I'll have to take a bath every time Grammy Frances comes to visit. This is my very first (and last) time in the spinning sitter-upper. Apparently, these things are quite dangerous (thanks for warning my folks, Bonnie!). Mama had to get into the bathtub with me, and I kept her occupied by sliding around by pushing the sides of the tub with my legs. I also like to splash and eat the wet washcloth.

Week 18: Wow, what is this? These people never cease to amaze me. When I finish flailing around and whacking the spinner, I am going to put that entire antenna ball into my mouth.

Week 17: We went to Catalina Island this week. Three different beds in three days - whew! How long will that continue? Daddy shot slide film, so it'll be a while before Catalina pictures get posted. Meantime, here's how I got to the island - I did the backstroke. OK, I flew. Really! The boat was called the "Catalina Flyer."

Week 16: Here I am at the park. Ahh, the shade of a tree, the wind in my hair. It's pretty good, I tell ya.

Week 15: Here I am blowing up a balloon. Gotcha! I'm just fooling around with a ball. What will they think of next? This ball thing is pretty amazing, even though I can't get the whole thing into my mouth. Yet.

Week 14: On September 13, I turned 100 days old! That's a big milestone. If you want to see more pictures of me at 100 days, click on Roy at 100 days. The other picture was taken a couple days later.

Week 13: Here I am exploring my new crib. Mama and Daddy tricked me into sleeping through the night in it ... once. Never again! Here I am sitting on the couch and lounging in Mama and Daddy's bed (which is where I think I ought to be sleeping).
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Week 12: I went into the pool for the first time! Mama held me close and dipped my feet in, and the water was cold and refreshing. Daddy splashed around making sounds like the ones I used to hear a long, long time ago, when I was still in Mama's belly. Also, we went to the park. I like to nap and dance with my tiger under the trees.

Week 11: I went up to my other Grandmother's house, in La Canada. We visited my grandfather at the cemetery, and left some pictures of yours truly. I enjoyed spending time with Grammy Frances and Auntie Pat.

Week 10: Hold that tiger! When I squeeze it, it barks like a dog: "wooof wooof, arf arf, woof!" There's so much I don't understand. I had lots of visitors this weekend, including Jill, and Sam, and Ulli & Martin & Liz & Sam!

Week 9: Daddy got a digital camera, so the updates will come even faster. Here I am, 8/7/00.

Week 8: Sigh. Sometimes I don't know what to think of these people. What is that, an Old Fashioned? Don't they know I like Eclairs?

Week 7: We saw a fellow newborn at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. The gazelle mama was still licking the gazelle baby clean, something I guess my Mama did for me. Ewww! Mama spit! My cousin Katrina was there.

Week 6: I can't wait until I get my own wheels, then I'm outta here.

Week 5: Daddy gives me a bath. I sure hope I don't get his funny-looking hair!

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