Roy William Kuraoka

Text and photos 2000, 2001, John or Ondine Kuraoka

Roy at about five minutes old.

Roy's galleries
Roy's first week.
Roy's first month
Roy at 100 days
Roy's weekly picture picks
Roy's trip to Massachusetts, May 2001

Sharing the spotlight category
David and Roy, 12/29/00
Jill and Roy
John and Roy, mid-February 2001
Liz and Roy
Martin and Roy
Aunty Merry, Ondine, Frances, and Roy, 2/19/01
Ondine and Roy
Ondine and Roy at Legoland, 12/14/00
Ondine and Roy, early January 2001
Ondine and Roy, mid-August 2001
Patty and Roy
Sam and Roy
Santa Claus and Roy, 12/14/00
Sean and Roy, 1/21/01
Ulli and Roy
Virginia, Dag, and Roy

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