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I spit on zee Holga! Zee true photografeek artiste, he uses zee pink Fiesta-Disc!

This is an ancient page, outdated in many important ways but still essential in terms of web structure (I abhor dead links as a matter of principle). So, here it is. If you really want to read about my family, visit my family website. It’s the usual, tedious, self-indulgent aren’t-our-kids-wonderful baloney. It is, however, generally fresh baloney, because we update it twice a week, and have done since 1998.

Ondine (November 2007, in our back yard - 1.7 MB file)
Ondine (August 2004, in Germany)
John (November 2004, on our patio)
Roy's pages
Leo's pages
Ondine and Barbara
Three Generations, 10-16-02
Mas Kuraoka
David Brooks


Thanksgiving 1999
The baby room, May 2000

Germany: Ten Days on the Romantische Strasse 1998.
England 1999.
Boston and Northhampton, written by Roy 2001.
Sand Pond: Sierra camping with our kids August 2003.
Germany: a six-week house swap in Muelheim an der Ruhr 2004.
Old Town State Park, June 2005.
A desert jaunt: Anza-Borrego and Desert View Tower, May 2005.
Solana Beach Getaway April 2005.
Sand Pond: camping with our kids August 2006.

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