Roy William Kuraoka: 100 days.

Text and photos 2000, John or Ondine Kuraoka

At 29 minutes past midnight on September 13, 2000, I turned 100 days old! That's a big milestone in Japanese culture, and perhaps other cultures as well. Click on the photo to see it bigger.

Here I am mugging for the camera in the bath with mom (look carefully and you can see that I stuck my tongue out -- I don't think mom or dad noticed, hee hee).

Here's the picture you saw on my weekly picture pick page. I really get a kick out of lifting my body up with my arms or legs so I can scoot forward. What's that you say? Arms and legs? So that's why I'm not moving as quickly as I'd like. Sigh. There's always something to work on.

Here I am working on this mobility issue.

Mom and dad still make me laugh.

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