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February, 2003

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February 27, 2003
Yahoo! News picked up this press release from Big Boy Restaurants about their upcoming “multi-media re-branding campaign:”
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It would be better if the menu mix supported the ad strategy. “Ohhh Boy” and capitalizing on the strengths of the existing brand seem pulled from a different marketing page than a menu that includes chicken pasta primavera and turkey club salads. Sigh. Advertising can do only so much, folks, even when it comes to branding.
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February 22, 2003
From Yahoo! News and Reuters comes this article about Home Depot’s new ad campaign, to be launched on the Grammy Awards:
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Hmmm. “You can do it. We can help.” Is it my imagination, or is this strongly evocative of Bob the Builder? Also, I find the reference to “The Softer Side of Sears” unsettling. That branding effort might have “boosted the image of Sears,” but it didn’t do much for sales or market share, resulting in yet another corporate shake-up. My, but marketing folks have short memories.
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February 20, 2003
An article about the persistence of advertising jingles, from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
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Now, if the ad jingles quoted aren’t familiar to you, it’s probably because you don’t live where you’d have heard them. Jingles were sticky long before the term was applied to web content. I rather suspect their fall from favor has to do with people’s ever-decreasing attention spans - and that applies to advertisers and copywriters as well as those in their target audiences. Who has time to pay attention to a jingle, when an old pop song is instantly recognizable? Still, I think a lot of radio, television, and web advertisers are missing the opportunity to make a savvy investment in their brand, by entrenching - and I mean entrenching - a catchy, well-written jingle. A jingle can deliver a unique sales message in a unique way, on a level that a pre-existing song simply cannot.
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